Thursday, January 28, 2010

Character Creation for Games @ Gnomon

I just started classes again and am in Rich Diamant (Lead Character Artist Naughty Dog)'s Character Creation for Games class. We started a class blog- everyone posts stuff. Look for mine there! (Click on the subject link)

Enjoy :)

edit: woops. A friend of mine told me it was invite only. I'll just post what i posted there here:
WIP - Marion Cotillard model head model
(our first assignment) so far:

Update: 2-7-10
I didn't want to post this above the latest post so here it is, my fixtures to Marion Cotillard model. I don't think I have the likeness anymore... and I think I missed a few things Rich said and sorry Rich, for not adding a clavicle or upper shoulders..

Thanks for viewing :)

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